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Read Out Loud…The name says it all.

Publishing in India is a dying trade, especially in the English idiom. How much of this is due to the Net and online influence is open to some conjecture, but surely a nation of over a billion must have at least 5% who love to read books in the English Language. But what do the mainstream publishers do to capture this market? A big ZERO. NADA. NOTHING.

They expect books to publicize themselves. The publishing company’s marketing budget is often less than the household food budget of a family for the weekend.

So step in Read Out Loud. Ritesh and Mukti have a love of books. I would say they are passionate about it. So to help the writer who either never had a book publishing deal or had a bad experience in dealing with a company, they lend more than a helping hand. They take you and guide you through the jungle of distribution and marketing, simplifying matters for you and helping you with the business side as well.

If you are a writer and have a book that’s worthy of being out there for the world to read , then your best bet is to get on the train of experience and enthusiasm with the engine driven by Read Out Loud.

– Biddu

Laxmi Hariharan


Ritesh and Mukti of Read of Loud are one of those rare people who actually read the books before they agree to distribute and market them.
Ritesh is first and foremost a book blogger who happens to have a financial background, and hence brings the much needed financial acumen to the business.
Mukti is a passionate reader who also gives valuable structural and editorial inputs. They loved Ruby Iyer enough to take on the series and distribute the books in India.

Thanks to them, The Many Lives of Ruby Iyer is available today in more than 150 stores, in 15 big cities across the country. Ritesh and Mukti also helped in the marketing by reaching out to colleges in Bombay and arranging for me to speak to the students on marketing & writing. They also arranged my launch event at my alma mater – NMIMS in Bombay – and ensured I had a good turnout.

If you are looking for genuine dedicated professionals and a wonderful team to work with then Read out Loud is it.

– Laxmi

Parag Shah


I am an entrepreneur with a varied experience. I would see my students’ eyes light up whenever I would narrate an experience in the form of a story. I knew I had a compelling story to tell.However, taking those life lessons and transforming them into a book is a different challenge altogether. This is where Read Out Loud stepped in.

They helped me develop the structure of the book and worked alongside me as I wrote one chapter after the other.Once the first draft was complete, they helped me enhance and fine-tune the book, ensuring it matches up to a narrative of an excellent standard.

If you’re a new writer or even an old one, I’d recommend Read Out Loud to you for their sheer dedication to the craft of writing.

– Parag Shah, Chief Mentor, MIDAS
Founder Director, Former Chairman, FLAME University
Managing Director,Oxford Golf & Country Club

Kirtida Gautam


Rasana Atreya, a God-sent friend, introduced me to Ritesh Kala. I was writing my first novel,  #IAm16ICanRape, and had absolutely no clue how the world of publishing works. Ritesh and I met over coffee in Bangalore. He didn’t know me as an author and therefore I can say with assurance that he is my friend first and publisher later. We spoke about Read Out Loud. He told me how Mukti Jain and he plan to create a platform for authors where they can launch the book in a situation that gives the best of both worlds -traditional publishing and self publishing -to the book.

From that day till today, I don’t know how many times I have consulted Ritesh and Mukti while putting #IAm16ICanRape in the market for their opinion about every single aspect of publishing and distribution.

True to their words, Read Out Loud, does provide an enviable platform to the books in which Ritesh and Mukti have faith. As a matter of fact, the kind of work they put to make the book accessible is so outstanding that it doesn’t feel for a moment that the book is not taking the traditional publishing route.

The way Read Out Loud is growing, I am sure thatin couple of years, it will become the leader of the publishing and distribution industry.

If an author wants the independence of self publishing and the professional competence of traditional publishing to meet at one place, Read Out Loud is where the author should go.

– Kirtida Gautam

Rasana Atreya


ROL did a terrific job with the audio version of my novella, The Temple Is Not My Father. The narrator was great, and ROL was very professional in delivering the final product to me.

 – Rasana